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The Affinity Art Gallery is a new non-profit art gallery located inside the facilities of Kernersville Community Church (KCC) in Kernersville, NC.  Kernersville is at the dead-center of a region of North Carolina known as the Triad.  It’s an area consisting of Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point.  KCC is home to several artists, and along with the church’s leadership and members, portions of KCC’s building have been converted into a publicly-accessible art gallery showcasing local artists’ work, sold without any gallery commission.  KCC is giving their building’s space to the public in order to tangibly demonstrate love by helping artists sell their work, and by helping art consumers purchase local art at low prices.  With no gallery commission being applied, the art is cheaper, and all the money goes directly to the artists.I attend KCC, and was a part of getting the new Affinity Gallery off the ground, both by designing the identity, website and marketing materials, but also with helping with the interior design and construction of the gallery space.  In creating the brand for the gallery, I wanted a clean, professional presentation with a thoroughly modern feel, mixing friendly-but-precise typography and vibrant splashes of color.  The circles in the “A” represent the coming-together of different audiences, drawn together by an “affinity” for each other.  Much like different artists now display their work together in the gallery, and different types of consumers come into the gallery, all parties have an affinity for each other.

I used a gradient on a almost-neutral gray background to reference the spotlighting employed in the gallery and the fonts I chose are all created by Jos Buivenga of Exljbris, a Dutch typography company.  The “A” is set in Museo 900 and the brand’s fonts are Fontin Sans.

You can visit the Affinity Gallery website here.

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