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Brand & Website Design – Satisfy Your Soul

Satisfy Your Soul, LLC is a small, locally source, organic, artisanal food crafter in Burlington, NC. Led by professional chef & international traveller, Susan Hearn, Satisfy Your Soul has developed a line of really incredible products. Susan has travelled extensively around the world since becoming a chef, and gathers inspiration everywhere she goes. From the […]

Rack Card Brochure – Mold Proof

After we finished our wave of new sales support materials, direct mail postcard, and the new Mold Proof website, Microbloc asked us to come up with a way for their franchisee/contractors to market themselves to realtors, distributors, other service businesses, etc. We thought of using something like a rack card or business card, since this […]

Sales Support Materials – Mold Proof Door Hanger & Brochure

We produced a full range of new sales support materials for Microbloc and its network of Mold Proof contractors. Mold Proof is a national network of contractors who prevent, remove, test, and inspect mold, mildew, algae and other dangerous natural pathogens. Many Mold Proof contractors are also carpet cleaners, pest control workers, exterior home cleaners, […]

Direct Mail Postcard – Mold Proof

As part of a series of new marketing material releases for the national Mold Proof network, I created a USPS-compatible direct mail postcard. The goal of the postcard is to give Mold Proof contractors around the U.S. something to send out to potential clients as a “first contact”. The biggest challenge faced by mold prevention […]

Quality Landscapes Tee Shirt Design

Atkins Ad Agency in Roanoke Rapids, NC hired me to design a new tee shirt for one of their clients, Quality Landscapes. The client wanted a tee shirt that would appeal to its 20–30 year old employees. Something grunge, modern and organic. In addition, the client was initially open to changing their old logo (seen […]

Personal Project – Set a Trend Be Yourself

Jessica came up with this slogan, in true copywriter style. “Set a Trend…Be Yourself” encapsulates a major part of our message as branding consultants and identity designers. The first (and most important) step for a business to become a trend-setter is to be yourself. Know who you are and be that! You are unique, and […]

Wellspring 2010 Event Promotion

A longtime client of mine, Wellspring Women’s Ministry is changing things up this year.  Wellspring does a large retreat each year, but in 2010 they are doing three smaller regional events.  This essentially takes the large scale yearly event and distills it down into two days, localized to three areas around North Carolina.  My job […]

Prospectus Design

I was a part of the group logo design project for a new church plant in Boston, MA called Netcast Church.  During the fundraising portion of the process, the church plant team decided they needed a good prospectus to send to potential donors.  A prospectus is a common tool for business startups which shows highlights […]

Overflow Event Poster

This was done for my church to advertise a city-wide worship and prayer meeting.  I came up with the name and look for it – the imagery of a city being flooded represents the worship and prayers of the people “flooding” the city with hope and blessing. This was a somewhat new direction for me, […]

Outdoor Banner Sign: Affinity Art Gallery

I am a co-curator for the Affinity Art Gallery in Kernersville, NC.  The Affinity Gallery is a non-profit art gallery that showcases local artists’ work in a commission-free space located on Main Street in Kernersville.  The gallery space is in fact donated by my church, Kernersville Community Church. We repurposed the interior hallways of the […]

Promotion: Awaken City Church Grand Opening

Part of the branding project for Awaken City Church included a promotional build-up to their Grand Opening in January of 2010.  The whole project has used an “underground” “power to the people” kind of vibe, so instead of investing into traditional media such as radio or television ads, we saved costs by creating business card-sized […]

Revolutionary Love Card

Another project for my church, Kernersville Community Church (KCC).  This was a business card-size promotional piece done for a long-term KCC campaign to bless the surrounding community.  During the hard economic climate, we decided to do something to tangibly help people.  KCC members go out and pay for random people’s needs, for example, a KCC […]

Tee Shirts for DayStar

I always enjoy designing tee shirts for screen printing because it’s such a unique process.  You see, when designing for screen printing, one can’t use gradients, shadows or other “effects” in the design.  The reason for this would take too long to explain; the point is that it is a fresh challenge to the designer […]

Outdoor Banner Advertisement

This was a long-term use, general purpose advertisement for a local church that was meant to draw college students to attend the church’s meetings.  I used extensive retouching on a photograph of college students, and used a typeface that literally connects to itself to further push the idea of “connection”.  Often what college students lack […]

Befriending Ishmael Promotion

This was an Islam awareness seminar that our church hosted, featuring an American who teaches English in predominantly Muslim nations.  The purpose of the seminar was to inform Americans of the history and culture of modern-day Muslims and to dispel the various myths surrounding them.  The event consisted of two days of teaching and presentations, […]

General Use Church Advertisement

This was created to be a long-term general purpose advertisement for a local church.  Their congregation is primarily made up of college students and young couples, so the card needed to aim squarely for that audience.  In addition, they requested that the card look like their high-traffic website. I started from scratch instead of using […]

Paint Splash Birthday Card

I did this for my wife, Jessica this year.  For those who don’t know her, she’s very creative, and loves art that’s organic, ‘outside the box’ and colorful.  I always make her birthday and Christmas cards instead of buying something, and this year I went with a messy canvas with paint splatters as a theme. […]

The Easter Offering Event Promotion

A local church is hosting a large, regional creative arts event, and hired me to head up the promotion for the event.  I did some printed materials, as you can see above, including a 4×6 postcard design that functions as an invite card, with map and event information, and stands alone as a promotional piece, […]

Awaken Youth Conference Website

Another marketing component to the Awaken Youth Conference, the website needed to be a simple blog format that would encourage the leaders, speakers and workshop leaders to write articles.  The purpose of it is to help the leaders get to know the students before the conference begins, and to let the students start conversations with […]

Awaken Youth Conference Promotion

A longtime church client of mine is starting up a youth conference this year, aimed at inner city youth in the Greensboro, NC area.  They wanted the advertising to be edgy, and have a serious tone.  I found my inspiration in the song of one of my favorite bands, Underoath.  Underoath is a Christian screamo/post […]

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