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God's Unfolding Revelation Poster

This is a poster design I created last year for a local church.  They have an ongoing series of teachings called the Biblical Studies Program, in which they have special weeknight classrom-style meetings with intensive studies of the Bible.  For this particular series, the theme would be the overarching themes of the Bible – how […]

Masquerade Ball with Ricky Proehl

This was another city-wide youth event/outreach, with a very specific theme: a Masquerade Ball complete with masks and music.  Ricky Proehl, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers was a special guest, but they didn’t want to give the night any sort of “sports” theme.  I decided to go with an antique, grunge, organic feeling to the […]

Battlestar Galactica Themed Invite Card

A postmodern inner-city church was beginning a series of free lunch outreaches to college students in the area.  The church’s congregation is largely made up of college students or recent graduates, so they have a keen understanding of what will bless the typical dorm-dweller!  They asked me to create an advertising card that would create […]

City-wide Youth Event Promotion

The church youth groups around the area were joining together with the Carolina Panthers’ Ricky Proehl and Mike Minter to put on a big city-wide event with sports, pizza and games.  The event had a grand scale, and was obviously targeted specifically at teenagers, so I went with a sort of space age, Pac Man […]

Guitar Hero Themed Event

This was a pretty last-minute assignment from a local youth ministry.  They were hosting an event based on Guitar Hero, featuring a live music competition and money giveaways.  The advertising card needed to be targeted toward high school age kids, with a rock and roll feel.

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