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image illustrating objectivity

How to be objective

When running a business, there’s a constant tension between what you think your customers want, and what they actually want. As a fellow business owner, I know this all too well. Your marketing plan is at the center of this struggle. We all think we know what our clients need, and what they expect our companies […]

DIY Design On a Tight Budget

I’m having one of those moments as a designer in which I can barely stand to be online. You see, over and over, I keep seeing people creating terrible designs because they can’t afford to hire a professional designer. Now, I realize this applies to all areas of design—furniture, interior, decorating, et cetera—but I can […]

How To Be Trend Setting

I have been asked before “How can somebody be trendsetting?” The answer isn’t exactly cut-and-dry.  The short answer is this: to be a trend-setter, you have to think differently.  As in, different from everybody else.  Being trend setting doesn’t necessarily mean doing things that are always new and/or different.  Sometimes, the most trend-setting thing you […]

Branding the Transient: Event Design

Branding an organization is primarily an exercise in getting to know a person.  When I am tasked with creating a visual identity for a company or organization, I try to get to know—on a personal level—whoever is the main decision-maker for the company.  Usually it’s the president, sole proprietor or in some cases, a board […]

Stock Logos: Why Not?

Technology has its good moments and it has its bad moments.  Pardon my anthropomorphism and generalization.  Some of Technology’s highlights: Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin, the telegraph, the telephone and its evolution into telecommuting.  The personal computer, internal combustion engine, digital versatile disc (DVD), iPhone.  Some of technology’s low points: early automobile airbags, ENIAC (early computer), […]

Twitter, Blogging and Word Counts

They say the only constant in life is “change”.  Well, I’ve got nothing but nickels over here, so change is on the way.  For some time now, I’ve only been posting portfolio items to this website, and in fact I’m quite behind on that too!  I have discovered the allure of Twitter to be very […]

Resource: Brand New

I wanted to point out an invaluable resource for corporate identity designers, as well as any artist interested in how art converges with communication.  The name of the website I’m speaking of is called Brand New.  On it, an experienced designer critiques new logo releases and regularly comes out with breaking news regarding corporate identity […]

Best Web Hosting Options

This is a highly-debated and ever-evolving topic of discussion.  The question, ‘‘What’s the best web host?’’ has to be one of the most often asked questions on internet discussion forums around the world.  The answer that is always given is ‘‘There’s no one right answer.  Your needs determine the best host.’’  What that translates to […]

New Artist Gabriel Leake

Having been the new kid on the block, I know what it feels like to begin making your way in the world of professional artistry.  So, I wanted to take a moment here to give a shout out to a good friend of mine, and up-and-coming artist Gabriel Leake. Gabriel and I collaborated on a […]

Guest Blog at Live Awake

My brother is a full-time pastor, as well as a web designer.  He runs a great blog called Live.Awake, over at  He’s doing a blog series entitled A Pastors Guide to the Web.  It’s a five part series, with the final portion penned by me.  He asked me to weigh in with the pastors […]

Inspiration: Eric Gill

Eric Gill was an artst, calligrapher, stonecarver, sculptor and typographer living in England from 1882 until 1940.  He grew to be a highly respected stonecarver and letterer during his lifetime, and produced several still-famous typefaces, such as Gill Sans, Joanna, and Perpetua, among others.  The British Broadcasting Corporation has used Gill Sans for it’s identity […]

Logo Design Part 2

The way I always begin a logo or identity design project is in the purely conceptual arena.  What is design without purpose?  How can we as designers communicate something if we don’t understand our message?  Therefore, the first stage must be some sort of interview – either by actually speaking to the client, having them […]

Logo Design Part 1

You might have been wondering what I’ve been up to the last week or two, and the answer is: Logo comps!  Woohoo!  The part of the design process that is the most loved and most despised by designers.  This is the beginning, experimental phase where you sketch, create, erase, sketch, create, erase, then suddenly an […]

Mountain Dew Can Logo History

Before: After: A brief, focused history of Mountain Dew’s can designs. I’m not including varieties, such as Code Red, Live Wire, Sport, Diet, promotional designs or extra large designs. The first ever can designed for Mountain Dew, before it was owned by Pepsi: And, here’s the redesigns of that product package until 2009, again not […]

Tropicana Says Oops!

That’s right folks, Tropicana (and by extension Arnell design group) are receding from the newly released branding effort as a direct response to a lot of negative feedback from formerly-loyal customers and negative reviews from Design blogs (no kidding!).  The only precedent for this is Coca Cola’s retraction from the “New Coke” campaign in the […]

UPS Logo - Old and New

Redesign vs Realign

One of the most crucial questions to ask when designing a new corporate identity or any of it’s constituent parts is, “What of the old identity still works?  What needs to stay, and what needs to go?” Often, a company already has a strong brand presence or a large customer base, and therefore needs to […]

All Quiet on the Blogging Front

Hey gang, Sorry about the blogging silence here recently.  I’ve been quite busy with some time-critical projects.  The good news is that I’ve been busy! The bad news is that I haven’t been able to put as much time into writing new posts.  I’ve got some thoughts brewing that should prove helpful to a lot […]

New Tropicana Carton

Pepsi Slaughters Tropicana’s Great Design

Pepsi has done it again!  They seem to be hell-bent on overhauling their entire product line to be clinical and minimalistic, while poaching the ideas of others.  First I’ll post an image of what Tropicana’s old carton design looked like.  Remember the good old days when you see this – back when food products looked […]

Swift 3D by Electric Rain

Free Copies of Swift 3D!

Bittbox is hosting a giveaway of several copies of Swift 3D, a great 3D animation and modeling application.  If you’re into 3D modeling, or want to be, it’s worth a shot!  The rules follow: All you have to do to enter is leave a comment. Only comment once. 3 winners will be randomly chosen and […]

Switching RSS Feeds to Feedburner

Greetings, subscribers! I’m switching over tsd’s RSS feeds to Feedburner today, so you might have to resubscribe. Thanks! Joseph

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