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All Quiet on the Blogging Front

Hey gang, Sorry about the blogging silence here recently.  I’ve been quite busy with some time-critical projects.  The good news is that I’ve been busy! The bad news is that I haven’t been able to put as much time into writing new posts.  I’ve got some thoughts brewing that should prove helpful to a lot […]

Switching RSS Feeds to Feedburner

Greetings, subscribers! I’m switching over tsd’s RSS feeds to Feedburner today, so you might have to resubscribe. Thanks! Joseph

Steve Jobs not speaking at Macworld 09

The news today in the design community is buzzing about Steve Jobs, Apple and the MacWorld Expo.  For the first time ever, the great Mr. Jobs will not be giving the keynote at the Macworld Conference and Expo next January.  For all of you who don’t use a Mac, you may not know how big […]

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