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New Pepsi Logo and Identity

You’ve probably noticed at your local grocery store or gas station that Pepsico has come out with a new corporate identity.  It’s clearly an attempt at an evolutionary (vs. revolutionary) change, with a similar color palette and predominantly blue background on the flagship product, Pepsi.  I think it’s a bad identity.  Find out why after […]

Design Resource: Apple Photo Services

I’ve discovered an awesome design resource, right under my nose!  I’ve been using iPhoto to organize and share my photos for a long time, and had even ordered a softcover book of some of my nature photographs back in 2002.  However, I just finished a wedding album for a client of mine using iPhoto’s Photo […]

Battlestar Galactica Themed Invite Card

New Project: Battlestar Galactica

I had fun with this one!  You can see a detailed description of the design process in my portfolio.  I wanted to tie together the current fascination with Battlestar Galactica’s remake on the Sci Fi Channel and the still-raging retro futuristic design trend.  Obviously, there’s a big James White influence here, though I used a […]

Obama 08 Logo Evolution and Development

What an interesting election.  I have to say as a designer that I loved seeing how good design played such a prominent role.  One of the McCain camp’s greatest failings was bad design.  They never were able to put out a good visual identity, starting with Optima as their logotype, which nowadays is used only […]

Steve Jobs not speaking at Macworld 09

The news today in the design community is buzzing about Steve Jobs, Apple and the MacWorld Expo.  For the first time ever, the great Mr. Jobs will not be giving the keynote at the Macworld Conference and Expo next January.  For all of you who don’t use a Mac, you may not know how big […]


Retro Futuristic Trend

Have you guys seen this stuff around?  The space-age futuristic look is coming back into style. It was pretty big in the 1980’s, so I guess we’re coming into that 30 year cultural cycle when styles come back into fashion. I really get a kick out of this new wave of futuristic styles. Maybe it’s […]

Want to Hire Me?

Well, it would be my pleasure! As much as I love being an artist and creating beautiful things, I need to make money!  I like to say that no job is too small or large.  Whether you just need a logo refresh, or a full scale corporate identity with new logo, letterhead, business cards, television […]

Time for a change

VISIT THE OLD PORTFOLIO I’m changing things up around here, moving toward a blog format instead of just a portfolio.  I’ll still have my work here as a portfolio, but instead of just the images, I’ll be posting articles about the work, diving into my thought processes, and maybe even doing a few tutorials.  More […]

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