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Twitter, Blogging and Word Counts

They say the only constant in life is “change”.  Well, I’ve got nothing but nickels over here, so change is on the way.  For some time now, I’ve only been posting portfolio items to this website, and in fact I’m quite behind on that too!  I have discovered the allure of Twitter to be very […]

All Quiet on the Blogging Front

Hey gang, Sorry about the blogging silence here recently.  I’ve been quite busy with some time-critical projects.  The good news is that I’ve been busy! The bad news is that I haven’t been able to put as much time into writing new posts.  I’ve got some thoughts brewing that should prove helpful to a lot […]

Switching RSS Feeds to Feedburner

Greetings, subscribers! I’m switching over tsd’s RSS feeds to Feedburner today, so you might have to resubscribe. Thanks! Joseph

Want to Hire Me?

Well, it would be my pleasure! As much as I love being an artist and creating beautiful things, I need to make money!  I like to say that no job is too small or large.  Whether you just need a logo refresh, or a full scale corporate identity with new logo, letterhead, business cards, television […]

Time for a change

VISIT THE OLD PORTFOLIO I’m changing things up around here, moving toward a blog format instead of just a portfolio.  I’ll still have my work here as a portfolio, but instead of just the images, I’ll be posting articles about the work, diving into my thought processes, and maybe even doing a few tutorials.  More […]

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