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Things Are Looking Up

A painting/drawing I did using ink droppers and a brush, with drawing ink as the medium.

Work Is Play

This is a bee, flying into a flower, and his tongue is sticking out, ready to get drunk on nectar. How cool is that? All of our work should be this fun. It can be this fun.

Winter’s Vestiges

Jessica and I were on vacation at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. It was our last day on the Estate and as we were exploring the banks of the French Broad River, I saw this small plant—dry and cracked but still clinging to life. It seemed to me to embody the seasonal transition from […]

The Door

From the basement of a pre-Civil War era home in Jamestown, NC.


Potting some new plants in a small, square terracotta pot.

Curious Turtle

While walking Pippen (our dog), I found this little turtle in a stream. The little kid in me got all giddy and I had to examine him!  He immediately withdrew into his shell, but he got curious when I set him on the ground and started taking pictures.  He never fully came out of his […]

Hello Moth

Found this little guy on some ivy.  I love how he almost glows amid the dark green ivy.  It seemed like he was as curious about my camera as I was about him!

Iris, Desaturated

Another one from our small garden. I played with the saturation of this one.

Brightly Hidden

Found this little guy in our yard after a light rain.  He was hidden, but as you can see he’s very vividly colored and reflective.

Photo: Time Lapse Stream

This is another photograph I took while in the mountains of Tennessee visiting my brother in law.  This was a stream/river that runs along the Appalachian Trail and Iron Mountain Trail.  The original shot was a wider angle, but there was so much foliage blocking the view that I could only salvage this small cropped […]

Photo: Get Off the Road

This shot was taken in the mountains of Tennessee during 2009.  My brother in law lives in a small cabin near Iron Mountain, and while visiting him, we can across this small lane going through the woods.  I was struck by the almost foreboding forest tunnel at the end of this image, and simply had […]

Ray and Kelly In the Creek

This was another great candid moment.  When doing portraits, I always try to capture the unplanned moments that show people as they truly are—no pretense, no fake posed smile—just human.  Ray ended up having me create a large hardcover photo book commemorating my photo session with them, and gave it to Kelly as an anniversary […]

Ray and Kelly At the Stone Bridge

This is one of my favorites from my session with Ray and Kelly McKinnon.  They hired me to do portraits of them after their wedding, as they didn’t have time to hire a wedding photographer for the day of the ceremony.  This shot was taken at the Bicentennial Gardens in Greensboro, NC on a great […]

Wrightsville Beach Sound

This was taken off the balcony of our hotel room, overlooking the sound opposite Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina.  It was a beautiful sunset, and I thought the use of black & white photography provided a nice abstracted view of reality.

Frozen Berries

We had a sudden hard freeze one night, and it caught some young red blossoms by surprise.  I found this little scene the next morning.  I don’t recall what tree that was, but it might have been a dogwood.  This was taken with my old Canon Rebel.  It was my first SLR, taken during the […]

Tania & Nathan

A good friend of ours, with her son Nathan.  My wife and I are Nathan’s godparents, so we see a lot of the little guy.  He’s now grown into full-blown boyhood, whereas this picture was taken when he was just a toddler.  This was a great moment that I caught partly because of luck and […]

Cucumber Beetle on Lily

Taken in our garden, this cucumber beetle was probably about to start eating this Stargazer Lily.  When I initially took the shot, I didn’t realize what type of insect this was; they actually look like a variety of lightning bug.  Now that I know the appetite of the cucumber beetle, I won’t just be taking […]

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