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mold proof postcard design back

As part of a series of new marketing material releases for the national Mold Proof network, I created a USPS-compatible direct mail postcard. The goal of the postcard is to give Mold Proof contractors around the U.S. something to send out to potential clients as a “first contact”.

The biggest challenge faced by mold prevention companies is that most people in the U.S. don’t understand the real problems that mold causes. Most people have heard horror stories about mold and assume that it’s all hype. The thing is, the biggest costs of mold are how expensive repairs can be, and the fact that mold growth is shown on a property history report — which historically has lowered a home’s value by up to 60%. Wow. That right there is reason enough to put down the money to prevent mold soon, instead of dealing with mold growth later.

Jessica worked on the copy while I worked on the design of the card, to make sure that it would educate homeowners by getting their attention, and telling them the top three reasons to prevent mold (instead of waiting for it to grow and removing it). It’s a mental hurdle for people to get over, to think of coating parts of their home with a clear spray so that mold won’t grow, instead of just dealing with mold once it is found.

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