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I’m changing things up around here, moving toward a blog format instead of just a portfolio.  I’ll still have my work here as a portfolio, but instead of just the images, I’ll be posting articles about the work, diving into my thought processes, and maybe even doing a few tutorials.  More after the jump… I’m also going to be blogging about current and future design trends, and giving voice to my opinions on the state of the Design industry.

If you’re just here to see my portfolio, thanks!  I’d love to help you set some trends!  I don’t put pricing information on the site because each job has to be priced according to the need.  As I’m still populating this new site, feel free to browse through my old site to see some of my past work.

Trend Setting Design old portfolio

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2 Responses to “Time for a change”

  1. SEO_Test says:

    yeah we need to change something old to new steps together with the bussines situations that grow up. when the bussines is growing day by day, some changing need to do to upgrade the services that we have. if not we only stay at home with old fashion design. keep it up a good work….

  2. Thanks for the compliments. You're right about change. If we don't change, we die! My old site served it's purpose well, as a static portfolio for potential clients to see, but as I've grown in my artistry and skill, I found myself hindered by my old site. Therefore, in order to grow my business and better help others, I made this change.

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