Identity and Branding Project: Awaken City Church

I was approached by the pastors of a new church in Greensboro, NC about developing a corporate identity system for their launch.  In the beginning, I was given a design brief that was fairly vague, as often happens with any brand new organization.  Over the course of several months of doing sketches and meeting with the pastors, the purpose and vision of Awaken City Church became clear: target people in the inner city of Greensboro, NC primarily between the ages of 25–40, with a close secondary audience of college kids.  The vibe of the church is modern, underground, inner-city, youthful, raw, hip but not polished.  Their vision is to take their message into the culture and into the city.

I started with the mighty Jos Buivenga’s Museo Sans font for the precision and geometric properties, then manipulated it until it could be used as a graffiti stencil. Then I distressed it further, adding paint splatters and an overspray boundary until the client was happy with the amount of grunge.  I initially used a much cleaner version where just the “A!” was stenciled, but the client really wanted some serious grunge, so I poured it on thick!

The identity system is built around the idea of graffiti.  The “A!” can be used separately from the logo in various applications, as shown in some production comps I threw together:

Graffiti A logo for Awaken City Church

awaken logo comp

Digital comp for Awaken logo

Digital comp of the Awaken logo in stencil format

This project included several other elements, which each have their own portfolio entries:

Awaken City Church website design

Pre-launch promotional card design, tee shirt design, exterior large format signage

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