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Two guys named Don and Butch met with me, and told me the story of how they had worked their way up through the lumber industry. Between the two of them, they had circled the globe many, many times, overseen everything from logging operations to selling lumber to fence builders, and everything in between. They are long time friends, and had decided to put their lumber industry expertise to use on a new project: self employment.

Specifically, they wanted to launch a website which would be a catalog of used sawmill machinery, and all the ancillary markets that are offshoots of that main target (things like pellet mills, shipping palate mills, power transfer machinery, et cetera). As is often the case, with decades of experience comes decades of opinions, so I gave Don and Butch a lot of input into the look of their site. For instance, I typically design a highly textured background for my websites, but in this case, we all agreed that a plain white background was a better fit for Ligna’s identity, and for targeting mill owners. In addition, I did a quick typeset of their name in Chapparal, and they loved it, so that became their official logo!

The site is built on WordPress, with WooCommerce as the catalog plugin. I trained Butch on both platforms, and he now manages the website completely, adding products, editing widgets, updating SEO titles and reports, and more. I built the site with a responsive theme, allowing mobile users to have the full experience that desktop computers share.

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