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This was a great project because I’m Moriah’s first customer.  This is a new guitar builder, but the guys running it have been making guitars for at least 30 years.  They had another company years ago, Zion Guitar Technology, but sold it when business slowed and moved on to other carpentry.  Now they’ve reopened shop under a new name, and my custom electric guitar will be the first product off the line.  When I came on board to help with their design, they already had a logo in place, and didn’t want to change it.  Instead of creating a brochure style site, I went with a blog because of the potential they have to build a client base before the first guitar is finished. They are writing articles on why they love to build guitars, what makes their instruments so special, and laying a groundwork for a new way to think about guitars.

I chose a warm pallete with natural green accents to convey a sense of earthiness, natural processes and handmade craftmanship.  It’s a somewhat minimalistic layout, letting the text and images shine, much in the same way that their instruments let the tone be forefront.

The guys at Moriah have really taken the ball and run with it on the site, creating interactive Biblical devotion areas and keeping fresh content on the site.

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