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Jon Fox is my brother-in-law, and has a blossoming music career. Blossoming is such a weird word. Jon is a singer songwriter who lives in a small cabin on a mountain in Tennessee, writing raw & honest songs about his passions. Jon hired me to do his album photography, package design, website design and to help him out with internet marketing strategies as well.

It’s always interesting working with/for family members, but I’m really blessed with cool relatives. Jon is extremely creative and easy-going, so it was fun working with him on getting a website up and running. I used WordPress so that he could hop on and maintain it as needed, with some well placed widgets on the homepage and sidebar.

I’m pretty proud of the photography too! Head over and check out his site, and while you’re there, I’d encourage you to support Jon by buying his album. It’s a true piece of modern folk Americana, and you won’t be sorry.

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