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This was an interesting and fun project to do.  Grace Churches has had two previous websites, and neither one “filled the bill”, so the staff was a little wary to invest more money into a website.  Once they realized what we were offering, with an easy to use Content Management System, integrated store functionality, blogging, secured communications, chat forums, photo and video galleries, searchable member church listings, near infinite expandability and more, they got excited about being able to finally have a site that met their needs. The catch: we only had one month to get it done, because it needed to be launched during Grace Churches’ annual community gathering!  Talk about pressure!  I worked together with my brother Ben over at Cotten:Tech, dividing up the work evenly.  I took on all the graphics work, such as creating a customized template for the site, color scheme, and all other graphics.  I also did all the copywriting on the site, and other more technical behind-the-scenes work.

We finished in time for the Grace Churches Leadership Team to look over the site, make a few changes to make sure it lined-up with their already-implemented corporate identity, and launch during the conference.  The response from everyone at the conference was nothing short of astounding.  We had live blogging during each session as well as live video streaming, so not only were the people at the conference able to be a part of live blogging discussions during the meetings, but other people in Grace Churches who weren’t able to attend the conference logged on to watch the live video feed and chat with the conference attendees.  It stirred up a lot of excitement, and I’m confident that it will result in a community-wide momentum for everyone in Grace Churches.

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  1. bcotten says:

    This was a great project. The people were great to work with and the site turned out great. We will probably be in on a Phase II portion of the project where we integrate some deeper community features. Should be pretty cool.

  2. Ollie Power says:

    Well wishing. I’m a web designer myself.


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