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I am a co-curator for the Affinity Art Gallery in Kernersville, NC.  The Affinity Gallery is a non-profit art gallery that showcases local artists’ work in a commission-free space located on Main Street in Kernersville.  The gallery space is in fact donated by my church, Kernersville Community Church. We repurposed the interior hallways of the building to be a professional gallery, complete with track lighting, neutral wall color and reinforced picture moulding.  In February 2010, we had our second exhibition, featuring all new artwork from local Triad area artists—all but two pieces were done by people that do not attend the church.

For the grand opening, I designed postcard size invite cards, but because we are a non-profit gallery, we do not charge commission on the art that sells, so our budget stays pretty small.  Our purpose as a gallery is to serve local artists by helping them get their work in the public eye for free, and to help people that appreciate art to be able to more easily view and purchase local art.

For the second show, I was able to get a sponsorship from Uprinting.com, who has listed us in their Gold Sponsorship U-Community program.  Because of that, we were able to afford to use Uprinting to print two 6 foot wide × 3 foot tall outdoor vinyl banners, with fade-resistant inks.

My design features two primary elements: the Affinity Art Gallery logo and the words “Open Weekly”.  Of secondary visual importance are the words below “Open Weekly”, followed by the gallery’s slogan, placed vertically along the far right edge.  The road that runs in front of the building is a 50mph zone, so the banner had to be economical in what it communicated.  There was not sufficient room to have much text, since that would lead to no one reading it at all!  Below is a photograph of the finished banner, mounted to metal stakes.

Affinity Art Gallery Banner Design Kernersville, NC

Photograph of the vinyl banner at the gallery

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  1. Any time local artists get a chance to show their work is a step in the right direction. I applaud your efforts, especially given the limited resources you have to work with. Looking at your picture here (of the printed banner attached to the metal stakes) reminds me of a product we are working on to do just the same thing, but with a better finished result. Unfortunately, it is still in production so I don’t have any pictures to show you (or show you on our website). Like the display above, there are also stakes to insert into the ground but the banner is then stretched tight between the stakes with short bungee cords, allowing for a smooth and taut banner presentation that looks like a professional installation. The price will be very reasonable, too. I will touch base with you when we launch the banner display so you can get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. The Affinity Gallery is a non-profit art gallery that showcases local artists’ work in one of the Commission in Kernersville located. The exhibition space is indeed from my church, donated Kernersville Community Church. We repurposed the interior corridors of the building to a professional appearance, complete with track lighting, neutral wall color and image bar will increase. In February 2010

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