Personal Project – Set a Trend Be Yourself

Jessica came up with this slogan, in true copywriter style. “Set a Trend…Be Yourself” encapsulates a major part of our message as branding consultants and identity designers. The first (and most important) step for a business to become a trend-setter is to be yourself. Know who you are and be that! You are unique, and you hold a unique place in your sphere of influence.

Our message to clients is to not be content with simply following trends. Don’t be trendy! Be steady, strong and confident in who you are. This will lead you into a place where you set the standards—where you set the trends for others to follow.

I was inspired by this slogan to create a personal art project which conveyed it. If you’re curious what I used, it was done in Photoshop using a photograph of an old grungy cafe tabletop taken by Caleb at Lost and Taken, a photo of cracked concrete taken by Jay at Bittbox and a photo of a ladybug that I found at iStock Photo. The font is Bree Extrabold from Type Together. I made adjustments/changes to all the source elements, for instance making Bree into a stencil font, adding a leg and doing some dodging/burning to the ladybug, plus lots of tweaks to the coloring of the concrete and tabletop photo.

I ended up using this as a free giveaway on Twitter & Facebook, making it into a computer desktop wallpaper and a printable greeting card.

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  1. Susan Alspach says:

    Howdy pardners!

  2. Hey Sue! It’s always nice to see you hanging around here! I’ll be writing some more blog posts in the near future—I’ve been cultivating ideas lately—so I’ll keep you informed on Facebook of new posts.

    For now, I’ve got you entered into this contest. Thanks for spreading the word!

  3. Amy Watts says:

    Love it. Good teamwork, guys.

  4. Thanks, Amy! Good to see you around here!

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