Promotion: Awaken City Church Grand Opening

Part of the branding project for Awaken City Church included a promotional build-up to their Grand Opening in January of 2010.  The whole project has used an “underground” “power to the people” kind of vibe, so instead of investing into traditional media such as radio or television ads, we saved costs by creating business card-sized invitations which the church’s startup team could hand out and post in public places.  Had the budget been higher, we would have done some actual graffiti using the logo, but without prior arrangements, we could get arrested for that.  In addition, I designed a tee shirt which was given out to everyone that attended the Grand Opening event.

Tee Shirt Design Greensboro NC for Awaken Church

Front of the Awaken Tee Shirt

Tee Shirt Screen Printing Design Greensboro, NC

Back of the screen printed grey tee shirt for Awaken City Church

In addition, I created a large format exterior sign for Awaken.  They are currently meeting in a large conference center, so the signage needed to be semi-permanent.  The solution was to create a high quality, durable exterior vinyl banner in full color.  The size is fifteen feet wide × seven feet tall, with plenty of reinforced grommets to prevent wrinkling.  The quality of the banner is such that it can be used indefinitely as the church moves into a permanent location.  We were able to print at a high dpi so that the concrete cracks and background Greensboro cityscape are able to be seen, but don’t distract from the important data.  The impact of a 15 foot wide banner is quite noticeable.

Exterior Vinyl Banner Design Greensboro, NC

Exterior Vinyl Banner Design for Awaken's Grand Opening

This project included several other elements, which each have their own portfolio entries:

Awaken City Church logo and brand design

Website Design

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