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I was a part of the group logo design project for a new church plant in Boston, MA called Netcast Church.  During the fundraising portion of the process, the church plant team decided they needed a good prospectus to send to potential donors.  A prospectus is a common tool for business startups which shows highlights of what the proposed organization will accomplish and how they will do it.  In the case of a church plant, this means communicating the spiritual and cultural needs of the target area, then describing the toolset of the proposed church planting team as well as a timeline and budget.

Matt Chewning, pastor of the proposed church plant Netcast Church asked me to design a prospectus for them that would appeal to a broad range of potential donors.  I was supplied with the data for the prospectus as well as a few photographs of the area.  I decided to use a key part of the church’s vision—clear unapologetic declaration of the truth of God’s word—as inspiration for the look of the prospectus.  I used large typography, full bleed photographs and a somewhat austere look to show this grand scale/loud/clear/declaratory theme.

The result?  That remains to be seen, as the prospectus has just been sent out to the team, but so far the response is overwhelmingly positive.  Several church planting experts have said that this is the best prospectus they have ever seen.  Hopefully that will translate directly into increased giving to this wholly worthy church plant.  I am honored to have been able to be a part of helping get this ambitious project off the ground!

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