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My parents are really cool. Everybody who knows them agrees that they pretty much rock. So when they asked Jessica and I to rebrand their traveling ministry, we said “Heck yes”. Maybe we didn’t say “Heck”, but we definitely said “yes”.

My parents have had a ministry called Antioch Ministries for ages, yet as we researched their corporate identity, we found that all of their “clients” know them by name — not as Antioch Ministries. When they get calls to come travel to a place and do a marriage conference, men’s retreat, etc, people are asking for Michael and/or Gloria — nobody’s asking for Antioch Ministries. That’s when it hit us that their new brand needed to simply be them, absent of any pretense of grandeur or “corporateness”. Just simply owning the fact that my mom and dad are awesome.

Here’s their old logo, which I cobbled together years ago:

antioch international ministries logo

Old Antioch Logo, circa 2003

Not bad, but pretty “meh” for me.

I went to work with my pencil and sketch book, working on lots of different typographic treatments of their names. Jessica and I kept tossing new business names around, as we knew “Antioch” wasn’t going to work anymore. I kept coming back to a simple serif treatment of their names, nestled together in a classy, clean, contemporary arrangement.

Once we got the go-ahead on using “Michael & Gloria Cotten” as the new brand & company name, I move over to Illustrator to start working with type and vectors. After sending the first draft of logo ideas, I had a thought of making “Cotten” small instead of having it be the focal point. Within 30 minutes, I had created the first and final draft of the logo we went with. Sometimes inspiration hits, and you’ve got to be ready for it! In this case, I had lots of preparatory time and research in it, but it all came down to 30 minutes of type manipulation.

I used Calluna Light with some custom editing to get letters to intersect a certain way, and for the ampersand (my favorite glyph), I used Caslon Italic. The “cotten” is set in Calluna Sans Regular. Check out the letterhead I created:

michael and gloria cotten letterhead design

4 Responses to “Rebrand: Michael & Gloria Cotten | Antioch International Ministries, Inc.”

  1. Jen Bishop says:

    Looks great Joseph. I just love text that nests together perfectly. Very sophisticated!

  2. Lisa Driver says:

    Are you related in any way to Marshall,Drotha,&Neilon Cotten from Chandler Texas? I have had Neilon on my mind the past couple of days.Last I heard Neilon was preaching.I pray he still is.God has put the Cottens on my heart lately.I recently got back in church and I am trying to be a good witness. God Bless You and your ministries!Sincerely,Lisa Sexton Driver.

  3. Lisa Driver says:

    God Bless You and your ministries!Are you related to Neilon Cotten from Chandler Texas?


    Praise the lord
    You have met us long again in 2004 probably I am from India hoping doing your ministry in blessed way requesting you to intive you to Andhra Pradesh India to hear your God gifted voice
    Waiting for your blessed reply
    Tarun Barnabas

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