Logo Design Part 1

You might have been wondering what I’ve been up to the last week or two, and the answer is: Logo comps!  Woohoo!  The part of the design process that is the most loved and most despised by designers.  This is the beginning, experimental phase where you sketch, create, erase, sketch, create, erase, then suddenly an idea worth considering pops out of the screen.

I’ll be using this opportunity to take you all through my typical logo creation process.  You’ll see the good, the bad and the ugly.  The rejected designs, the ones I liked but the client didn’t, and pretty much everything in-between.

This post shows the first completed design ideas I presented to the client.  They came with a full color scheme as well.  What’s so funny about this, and is not all that unusual in the design business was my client’s reaction to these designs:  “We don’t sell Christmas poinsettias.”

Gotta love that red and green Christmas image that’s been burned into all American’s brains!

In my next post, I’ll explain the purpose of my client’s organization and mission, and you’ll get a better idea of why this logo brought that reaction.

2 Responses to “Logo Design Part 1”

  1. JBishop says:

    These look great Joseph! I can see the poinsettia link, but I would have thought the green would have broken it up enough to lead them away from this thought. It is interesting to see the different takes on your own work, as everyone sees something different. I can't wait to see which design they go with.

  2. Cassi Lippe says:

    There is countless differing views on design and style that it’s out of the question to please anyone regrettably…

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