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Brand & Website Design – Satisfy Your Soul

Satisfy Your Soul, LLC is a small, locally source, organic, artisanal food crafter in Burlington, NC. Led by professional chef & international traveller, Susan Hearn, Satisfy Your Soul has developed a line of really incredible products. Susan has travelled extensively around the world since becoming a chef, and gathers inspiration everywhere she goes. From the […]

Website Design & Development – Grace Churches International

The Grace Churches International (GCI) website design project was a ground-up full scale endeavor that began with assessing the GCI brand identity, surveying website administrators and visitors, and creating a solution that would meet the users’ needs and the goals of GCI. Wow that was a mouthful. It sounds really boring too—but it wasn’t! It […]

DIY Design On a Tight Budget

I’m having one of those moments as a designer in which I can barely stand to be online. You see, over and over, I keep seeing people creating terrible designs because they can’t afford to hire a professional designer. Now, I realize this applies to all areas of design—furniture, interior, decorating, et cetera—but I can […]

Branding – New Day Fitness

Tammy Crowley-Deloatch owns and operates a family fitness center in Roanoke Rapids, NC called Crowley’s Fitness Center.  She recently got married, and has had some other significant life changes happen. She found herself re-examining her business and realized that while she had changed, the business had not.  She began looking for a way to move […]

Make Up Your Own Mind – Branding

The Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center (GPCC) wanted to launch a new pregnancy awareness campaign on college campuses in the Greensboro area. Their goal was to create a new brand identity and marketing materials around a theme that would attract male and female college students in the Triad area. GPCC wanted to let students know that […]

Affinity Art Gallery

The Affinity Art Gallery is a new non-profit art gallery located inside the facilities of Kernersville Community Church (KCC) in Kernersville, NC.  Kernersville is at the dead-center of a region of North Carolina known as the Triad.  It’s an area consisting of Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point.  KCC is home to several artists, and along […]

Branding the Transient: Event Design

Branding an organization is primarily an exercise in getting to know a person.  When I am tasked with creating a visual identity for a company or organization, I try to get to know—on a personal level—whoever is the main decision-maker for the company.  Usually it’s the president, sole proprietor or in some cases, a board […]

Revolutionary Love Card

Another project for my church, Kernersville Community Church (KCC).  This was a business card-size promotional piece done for a long-term KCC campaign to bless the surrounding community.  During the hard economic climate, we decided to do something to tangibly help people.  KCC members go out and pay for random people’s needs, for example, a KCC […]

KCC Realign

I created the corporate identity for Kernersville Community Church (KCC) in 2007 to reflect the infancy of a new vision, coming from new leadership in the church. KCC was originally planted over a decade ago, but a new, younger pastor with a new vision came to the church 3 years ago. The original identity was […]

Guest Blog at Live Awake

My brother is a full-time pastor, as well as a web designer.  He runs a great blog called Live.Awake, over at www.bencotten.net.  He’s doing a blog series entitled A Pastors Guide to the Web.  It’s a five part series, with the final portion penned by me.  He asked me to weigh in with the pastors […]

Tropicana Says Oops!

That’s right folks, Tropicana (and by extension Arnell design group) are receding from the newly released branding effort as a direct response to a lot of negative feedback from formerly-loyal customers and negative reviews from Design blogs (no kidding!).  The only precedent for this is Coca Cola’s retraction from the “New Coke” campaign in the […]

UPS Logo - Old and New

Redesign vs Realign

One of the most crucial questions to ask when designing a new corporate identity or any of it’s constituent parts is, “What of the old identity still works?  What needs to stay, and what needs to go?” Often, a company already has a strong brand presence or a large customer base, and therefore needs to […]

Obama 08 Logo Evolution and Development

What an interesting election.  I have to say as a designer that I loved seeing how good design played such a prominent role.  One of the McCain camp’s greatest failings was bad design.  They never were able to put out a good visual identity, starting with Optima as their logotype, which nowadays is used only […]

Wellspring Website and Blog

So for this project, my wife and I worked together to create both a static brochure-style website with a separate-but-unified blog.  The static portion of the site has some interactive elements, like a user-controlled photo gallery and embedded videos.  We created the videos on the site for various reasons, like special conferences and general promotion. […]

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