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Rack Card Brochure – Mold Proof

After we finished our wave of new sales support materials, direct mail postcard, and the new Mold Proof website, Microbloc asked us to come up with a way for their franchisee/contractors to market themselves to realtors, distributors, other service businesses, etc. We thought of using something like a rack card or business card, since this […]

Personal Project – Set a Trend Be Yourself

Jessica came up with this slogan, in true copywriter style. “Set a Trend…Be Yourself” encapsulates a major part of our message as branding consultants and identity designers. The first (and most important) step for a business to become a trend-setter is to be yourself. Know who you are and be that! You are unique, and […]

Wellspring 2010 Event Promotion

A longtime client of mine, Wellspring Women’s Ministry is changing things up this year.  Wellspring does a large retreat each year, but in 2010 they are doing three smaller regional events.  This essentially takes the large scale yearly event and distills it down into two days, localized to three areas around North Carolina.  My job […]

Prospectus Design

I was a part of the group logo design project for a new church plant in Boston, MA called Netcast Church.  During the fundraising portion of the process, the church plant team decided they needed a good prospectus to send to potential donors.  A prospectus is a common tool for business startups which shows highlights […]

Overflow Event Poster

This was done for my church to advertise a city-wide worship and prayer meeting.  I came up with the name and look for it – the imagery of a city being flooded represents the worship and prayers of the people “flooding” the city with hope and blessing. This was a somewhat new direction for me, […]

Captain’s Coffee Ecommerce Website

This is a website that I created for a small business that sells unroasted (green) coffee beans, home roasters, grinders and brewers.  Their target audience is all over the place age-wise, with a slight majority of their customers being over the age of 50.  The company is unique in the marketplace, as they have lots […]

Masquerade Ball with Ricky Proehl

This was another city-wide youth event/outreach, with a very specific theme: a Masquerade Ball complete with masks and music.  Ricky Proehl, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers was a special guest, but they didn’t want to give the night any sort of “sports” theme.  I decided to go with an antique, grunge, organic feeling to the […]

Battlestar Galactica Themed Invite Card

New Project: Battlestar Galactica

I had fun with this one!  You can see a detailed description of the design process in my portfolio.  I wanted to tie together the current fascination with Battlestar Galactica’s remake on the Sci Fi Channel and the still-raging retro futuristic design trend.  Obviously, there’s a big James White influence here, though I used a […]


Retro Futuristic Trend

Have you guys seen this stuff around?  The space-age futuristic look is coming back into style. It was pretty big in the 1980’s, so I guess we’re coming into that 30 year cultural cycle when styles come back into fashion. I really get a kick out of this new wave of futuristic styles. Maybe it’s […]

Kernersville Community Church Identity

A new corporate identity for a fast-growing church located in an area of North Carolina that’s an intersection between several large cities.  The target audience for this was primarily “unchurched” people, or people who didn’t grow up going to church.  It needed to impart a sense of “family, warm, friendly and inviting” I gave the […]

City-wide Youth Event Promotion

The church youth groups around the area were joining together with the Carolina Panthers’ Ricky Proehl and Mike Minter to put on a big city-wide event with sports, pizza and games.  The event had a grand scale, and was obviously targeted specifically at teenagers, so I went with a sort of space age, Pac Man […]

New Grace Churches International Website

This was an interesting and fun project to do.  Grace Churches has had two previous websites, and neither one “filled the bill”, so the staff was a little wary to invest more money into a website.  Once they realized what we were offering, with an easy to use Content Management System, integrated store functionality, blogging, […]

Living Way Church

Living Way Church, in Greensboro, NC is a growing church that’s getting filled up with young couples, but has some pretty deep historical roots dating back to the late 1970’s.  The meetings are a mix of contemporary music, conservative teaching and people that love being together in community.  I first created a corporate identity for […]

Zimmerman Carpet and Rug Cleaners

Zimmerman Carpet Cleaners (ZCC) is a company that I actually used to work for.  When I graduated from Design school, there wasn’t much work for a designer, as that was during an economic downturn.  When’s the last time we had an upturn? Anyway, Mike Zimmerman went to my church, and had been operating his carpet […]

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