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screen shot of captains coffee green roasting homepage web design

Brand & Website Design – The Captain’s Coffee

Waaaay back in early 2008, I was hired by these wonderful people to do this. Now 2008 may not seem like a long time ago, but in internet years, it’s a lifetime. Web designers are born and die in the span of 4 years. Not really. In any case, I was quite the newbie back then, […]

Branding – New Day Fitness

Tammy Crowley-Deloatch owns and operates a family fitness center in Roanoke Rapids, NC called Crowley’s Fitness Center.  She recently got married, and has had some other significant life changes happen. She found herself re-examining her business and realized that while she had changed, the business had not.  She began looking for a way to move […]

Affinity Art Gallery

The Affinity Art Gallery is a new non-profit art gallery located inside the facilities of Kernersville Community Church (KCC) in Kernersville, NC.  Kernersville is at the dead-center of a region of North Carolina known as the Triad.  It’s an area consisting of Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point.  KCC is home to several artists, and along […]

KCC Realign

I created the corporate identity for Kernersville Community Church (KCC) in 2007 to reflect the infancy of a new vision, coming from new leadership in the church. KCC was originally planted over a decade ago, but a new, younger pastor with a new vision came to the church 3 years ago. The original identity was […]

Logo Design Part 2

The way I always begin a logo or identity design project is in the purely conceptual arena.  What is design without purpose?  How can we as designers communicate something if we don’t understand our message?  Therefore, the first stage must be some sort of interview – either by actually speaking to the client, having them […]

Captain’s Coffee Ecommerce Website

This is a website that I created for a small business that sells unroasted (green) coffee beans, home roasters, grinders and brewers.  Their target audience is all over the place age-wise, with a slight majority of their customers being over the age of 50.  The company is unique in the marketplace, as they have lots […]

Mountain Dew Can Logo History

Before: After: A brief, focused history of Mountain Dew’s can designs. I’m not including varieties, such as Code Red, Live Wire, Sport, Diet, promotional designs or extra large designs. The first ever can designed for Mountain Dew, before it was owned by Pepsi: And, here’s the redesigns of that product package until 2009, again not […]

New Pepsi Logo and Identity

You’ve probably noticed at your local grocery store or gas station that Pepsico has come out with a new corporate identity.  It’s clearly an attempt at an evolutionary (vs. revolutionary) change, with a similar color palette and predominantly blue background on the flagship product, Pepsi.  I think it’s a bad identity.  Find out why after […]

Wellspring Website and Blog

So for this project, my wife and I worked together to create both a static brochure-style website with a separate-but-unified blog.  The static portion of the site has some interactive elements, like a user-controlled photo gallery and embedded videos.  We created the videos on the site for various reasons, like special conferences and general promotion. […]

Zimmerman Carpet and Rug Cleaners

Zimmerman Carpet Cleaners (ZCC) is a company that I actually used to work for.  When I graduated from Design school, there wasn’t much work for a designer, as that was during an economic downturn.  When’s the last time we had an upturn? Anyway, Mike Zimmerman went to my church, and had been operating his carpet […]

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