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Winter’s Vestiges

Jessica and I were on vacation at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. It was our last day on the Estate and as we were exploring the banks of the French Broad River, I saw this small plant—dry and cracked but still clinging to life. It seemed to me to embody the seasonal transition from […]

Hello Moth

Found this little guy on some ivy.  I love how he almost glows amid the dark green ivy.  It seemed like he was as curious about my camera as I was about him!

Brightly Hidden

Found this little guy in our yard after a light rain.  He was hidden, but as you can see he’s very vividly colored and reflective.

Photo: Get Off the Road

This shot was taken in the mountains of Tennessee during 2009.  My brother in law lives in a small cabin near Iron Mountain, and while visiting him, we can across this small lane going through the woods.  I was struck by the almost foreboding forest tunnel at the end of this image, and simply had […]

Wrightsville Beach Sound

This was taken off the balcony of our hotel room, overlooking the sound opposite Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina.  It was a beautiful sunset, and I thought the use of black & white photography provided a nice abstracted view of reality.

Frozen Berries

We had a sudden hard freeze one night, and it caught some young red blossoms by surprise.  I found this little scene the next morning.  I don’t recall what tree that was, but it might have been a dogwood.  This was taken with my old Canon Rebel.  It was my first SLR, taken during the […]

Cucumber Beetle on Lily

Taken in our garden, this cucumber beetle was probably about to start eating this Stargazer Lily.  When I initially took the shot, I didn’t realize what type of insect this was; they actually look like a variety of lightning bug.  Now that I know the appetite of the cucumber beetle, I won’t just be taking […]

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