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Brand & Website Design – Satisfy Your Soul

Satisfy Your Soul, LLC is a small, locally source, organic, artisanal food crafter in Burlington, NC. Led by professional chef & international traveller, Susan Hearn, Satisfy Your Soul has developed a line of really incredible products. Susan has travelled extensively around the world since becoming a chef, and gathers inspiration everywhere she goes. From the […]

Awaken Youth Conference Promotion

A longtime church client of mine is starting up a youth conference this year, aimed at inner city youth in the Greensboro, NC area.  They wanted the advertising to be edgy, and have a serious tone.  I found my inspiration in the song of one of my favorite bands, Underoath.  Underoath is a Christian screamo/post […]

Mountain Dew Can Logo History

Before: After: A brief, focused history of Mountain Dew’s can designs. I’m not including varieties, such as Code Red, Live Wire, Sport, Diet, promotional designs or extra large designs. The first ever can designed for Mountain Dew, before it was owned by Pepsi: And, here’s the redesigns of that product package until 2009, again not […]

New Tropicana Carton

Pepsi Slaughters Tropicana’s Great Design

Pepsi has done it again!  They seem to be hell-bent on overhauling their entire product line to be clinical and minimalistic, while poaching the ideas of others.  First I’ll post an image of what Tropicana’s old carton design looked like.  Remember the good old days when you see this – back when food products looked […]

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