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Brand & Website Design – Satisfy Your Soul

Satisfy Your Soul, LLC is a small, locally source, organic, artisanal food crafter in Burlington, NC. Led by professional chef & international traveller, Susan Hearn, Satisfy Your Soul has developed a line of really incredible products. Susan has travelled extensively around the world since becoming a chef, and gathers inspiration everywhere she goes. From the […]

Website Design & Development – Grace Churches International

The Grace Churches International (GCI) website design project was a ground-up full scale endeavor that began with assessing the GCI brand identity, surveying website administrators and visitors, and creating a solution that would meet the users’ needs and the goals of GCI. Wow that was a mouthful. It sounds really boring too—but it wasn’t! It […]

Greensboro Womans Club Website & Logo

I was asked by the Greensboro Woman’s Club to create a new website design for them.  They had an older site that no longer served their needs or their audience and needed a fresh look that would represent their now-younger members.  The new site needed to convey the vibrancy and activity of the Club as […]

Website Design: Awaken City Church

If you haven’t checked out the Identity and Branding Project: Awaken City Church post, you’ll probably want to.  The website design is based upon the brand mentioned in that post. Awaken City Church needed several things: a way to quickly showcase upcoming events and sermon series, play videos, have realtime Twitter updates from various Twitter […]

Captain’s Coffee Ecommerce Website

This is a website that I created for a small business that sells unroasted (green) coffee beans, home roasters, grinders and brewers.  Their target audience is all over the place age-wise, with a slight majority of their customers being over the age of 50.  The company is unique in the marketplace, as they have lots […]

The Easter Offering Event Promotion

A local church is hosting a large, regional creative arts event, and hired me to head up the promotion for the event.  I did some printed materials, as you can see above, including a 4×6 postcard design that functions as an invite card, with map and event information, and stands alone as a promotional piece, […]

Awaken Youth Conference Website

Another marketing component to the Awaken Youth Conference, the website needed to be a simple blog format that would encourage the leaders, speakers and workshop leaders to write articles.  The purpose of it is to help the leaders get to know the students before the conference begins, and to let the students start conversations with […]

UPS Logo - Old and New

Redesign vs Realign

One of the most crucial questions to ask when designing a new corporate identity or any of it’s constituent parts is, “What of the old identity still works?  What needs to stay, and what needs to go?” Often, a company already has a strong brand presence or a large customer base, and therefore needs to […]

All Quiet on the Blogging Front

Hey gang, Sorry about the blogging silence here recently.  I’ve been quite busy with some time-critical projects.  The good news is that I’ve been busy! The bad news is that I haven’t been able to put as much time into writing new posts.  I’ve got some thoughts brewing that should prove helpful to a lot […]

Time for a change

VISIT THE OLD PORTFOLIO I’m changing things up around here, moving toward a blog format instead of just a portfolio.  I’ll still have my work here as a portfolio, but instead of just the images, I’ll be posting articles about the work, diving into my thought processes, and maybe even doing a few tutorials.  More […]

New Grace Churches International Website

This was an interesting and fun project to do.  Grace Churches has had two previous websites, and neither one “filled the bill”, so the staff was a little wary to invest more money into a website.  Once they realized what we were offering, with an easy to use Content Management System, integrated store functionality, blogging, […]

Living Way Church

Living Way Church, in Greensboro, NC is a growing church that’s getting filled up with young couples, but has some pretty deep historical roots dating back to the late 1970’s.  The meetings are a mix of contemporary music, conservative teaching and people that love being together in community.  I first created a corporate identity for […]

Moriah Guitars Blog

This was a great project because I’m Moriah’s first customer.  This is a new guitar builder, but the guys running it have been making guitars for at least 30 years.  They had another company years ago, Zion Guitar Technology, but sold it when business slowed and moved on to other carpentry.  Now they’ve reopened shop […]

Wellspring Website and Blog

So for this project, my wife and I worked together to create both a static brochure-style website with a separate-but-unified blog.  The static portion of the site has some interactive elements, like a user-controlled photo gallery and embedded videos.  We created the videos on the site for various reasons, like special conferences and general promotion. […]

Zimmerman Carpet and Rug Cleaners

Zimmerman Carpet Cleaners (ZCC) is a company that I actually used to work for.  When I graduated from Design school, there wasn’t much work for a designer, as that was during an economic downturn.  When’s the last time we had an upturn? Anyway, Mike Zimmerman went to my church, and had been operating his carpet […]

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