The Easter Offering Event Promotion

A local church is hosting a large, regional creative arts event, and hired me to head up the promotion for the event.  I did some printed materials, as you can see above, including a 4×6 postcard design that functions as an invite card, with map and event information, and stands alone as a promotional piece, meaning that it isn’t required for a person to give any additional information to make the card “work”.  I also did two poster designs: one for 11×17 output, and another smaller version for 8.5×11 output.  These were taken and posted in public advertising locations, such as restaurants, grocery stores, and so forth.  I also did an outdoor banner to clarify the event’s location.

I also set up a small blog site to help those involved begin to build some internet buzz around the event and created a Flickr account for pre-production photos.  To help the artists and coordinators, I wrote a series of “How To” emails designed to help everyone get past some fears about blogging.  It’s interesting to me how many people are hesitant to blog because they feel that their writing won’t be appreciated, so I took some time to help them catch the vision for what a blog can do, and they really are having fun with it!  It’s been great to see a group of people step outside of their comfort zones, and flourish because of it.

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