Tropicana Says Oops!


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That’s right folks, Tropicana (and by extension Arnell design group) are receding from the newly released branding effort as a direct response to a lot of negative feedback from formerly-loyal customers and negative reviews from Design blogs (no kidding!).  The only precedent for this is Coca Cola’s retraction from the “New Coke” campaign in the 1980s.Tropicana (and Pepsi for that matter) has gotten nothing but negative feedback since their new brand was released.  Some common complaints were that the old orange with a straw in it was missed, that the new package made Tropicana look like a store brand, that it was bland, and that it was difficult to distinguish between product varieties.

I say, “Good job, Tropicana!” It’s nice to see a large brand be willing to backtrack and listen to consumers.  If only their parent company, Pepsico would follow their lead and go back to the old Pepsi logo!

What’s disturbing about this is that Tropicana’s corporate culture was so dense that this terrible design got through in the first place!  How many people along the way hated the new brand, but couldn’t say anything to their boss for fear of getting fired?  That’s frightening.  And how many people lied about the new brand by claiming that it was a good redesign?

So, I suppose this is a big day for bloggers everywhere – our collective efforts and freely shared opinions actually made a difference!  We can rest assured that our orange juice will once again look as good as it tastes.  God bless us every one.

Here’s a link to the New York Times article

And in case you missed it, here’s the article I wrote about the new design.

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  1. BenCotten says:

    I think when Tropicana read your post, they realized the error of their ways. Thanks, Joseph.

  2. KF says:

    I agree with Ben – you probably have more influence with Tropicana than you realize! And the link I sent them to this blog didn't hurt, either…

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