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They say the only constant in life is “change”.  Well, I’ve got nothing but nickels over here, so change is on the way.  For some time now, I’ve only been posting portfolio items to this website, and in fact I’m quite behind on that too!  I have discovered the allure of Twitter to be very strong, and I myself now rarely read a full length blog post any more.  I’m sure that’s partly because I’m busier now than I have been for the past two years, so I have less time to devote to reading blogs (or writing them), but I don’t want to leave any of you in the dark as to why I’ve been so slack around here.

If you look at the bottom of this site, you’ll see a Twitter module showing my latest tweets.  If you like what you’ve read here at the site, I encourage you to follow me on Twitter.  I don’t over-tweet, usually only posting once or twice per day, but I always try to make my tweets enjoyable for a large audience.

In the future, I hope to post more blogs here, but as you all know, I never want to do anything that isn’t trend-setting in some way.  There are so many great design blogs out there, that I don’t want to put anything out there that isn’t already being said by someone else.  Speaking of other blogs, check out the Links are in the right sidebar to see sites that I recommend.

There’s a lesson in all of this: don’t reinvent the wheel.  If you want to do something, look around and see if anyone else is already doing it.  If they are, examine how they do it and make sure that what you’ll be doing is significantly different and/or better than the other guy.  In my case, this means that I blog less often.  When I have insights, I’ll share them, but my goal is to serve the graphic design community and my customers—not become a famous blogger!

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