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Well, it would be my pleasure! As much as I love being an artist and creating beautiful things, I need to make money!  I like to say that no job is too small or large.  Whether you just need a logo refresh, or a full scale corporate identity with new logo, letterhead, business cards, television and radio commercials, website, and printed materials, I can help!

My pricing is based upon the exposure that the finished design will have.  For instance, if you are a small business needing a new logo, business cards and letterhead, and you only have a few hundred customers, I may only need to charge $500.00  If you are a large multinational corporation with five hundred employees, needing a full corporate identity system, I would charge anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000.  The reason for this is that good design breeds good business.  If you have a great logo that effectively communicates who you are and what your vision is, while simultaneously reaching your target demographic, that logo will reap tremendous benefits for your business.  Your image among the target demographic will be improved, your name recognition will increase and the rewards that you will reap will continue for the life of the business, even if the logo is changed down the road.  That well-designed logo then is an excellent investment, and the price you pay for it should reflect that.

Therefore, the more exposure my design will get, the more it will benefit you, and the more it is worth to you.

Contact me with the information below, and I’ll be more than happy to give you a no-cost consultation to help you find out what your needs are, and how to fulfill them.

Joseph Cotten
Trend Setting Design
(336) 471-3104

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