Website Design: Awaken City Church

If you haven’t checked out the Identity and Branding Project: Awaken City Church post, you’ll probably want to.  The website design is based upon the brand mentioned in that post.

Awaken City Church needed several things: a way to quickly showcase upcoming events and sermon series, play videos, have realtime Twitter updates from various Twitter accounts, post sermons online, blog, display a map, have multiple administrator permission levels and have the usual “About Us” material.

To provide a solution, I used the Joomla content management system with the K2 component for user and article management.  This setup allows church volunteers to manage the site without having access to sensitive information on the site.  I created custom graphics for the site which go along with the brand’s ideas of graffiti, inner city, underground movement/power to the people, etc.

Below are two more screenshots of the site.

Awaken City Church website design screenshot

Custom graphics displaying photos of church leadership. Twitter module on right.

Awaken Church Greensboro NC web design

Screenshot of Google map integration

This project included several other elements, which each have their own portfolio entries:

Awaken City Church logo and brand design

Pre-launch promotional card design, tee shirt design and exterior signage

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