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Jessica’s got a website! Woot! It’s awesome too. Totally her design. We went with WordPress so that she could manage the pages, blog area (commenting disabled, so it’s like a true journal), artwork uploads, etc. I created a custom menu structure for her that is loaded into a sidebar region, disabling the main top menu and footer areas. Jessica had a very specific vision for the site: simple, beautiful, hand-crafted but not “crafty”, girly but not gaudy.

jessica cotten website interior page 2

I chose an old Gaudy Book typeface for the body and headings, and a hand-drawn font for the menu. I also created little flourishes which automatically appear between each blog post, and the graphic on the homepage was one I made from photos Jessica took of herself and our back yard.

jessica cotten blog screenshot

One thing that’s cool about this site is that it works like an iPad app when you view it with an iPad or other tablet device. It was quite an interesting project, as I was constantly trying to add in little techy widgets and visual clutter, and she was constantly removing said widgets & clutter. Haha! I’m really happy with it, and am surprised WordPress could become what she envisioned, largely due to the flexibility in the code of the Woothemes Framework. I was able to get in there and tweak things to my heart’s content.

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