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Leslie Moore is an interior designer in High Point, NC who, along with her small team of fellow artists, operate a design firm specializing in homes of any size. Most of her clients are on the higher end of the income spectrum, and she has a knack for understanding the unique needs and stylistic preferences of her clients.

Leslie’s work has been featured in several interior design trade publications, as well as lifestyle magazines such as Greensboro’s O’Henry Magazine.

We were honored to be hired by Leslie to develop a new website for her, along with a small realigning of her brand identity. We built her new website on the WordPress content management system, and trained her, along with a few of her employees, to manage the site in perpetuity. This allows them to keep things in-house, with occasional check ins from us.


L Moore Designs - About Us Page Design

About Us Page

L Moore Designs Portfiolio Design

Responsive Portfolio Layout

The site is built on a customized responsive theme, which allows mobile, tablet, and desktop users to all have the full website experience. We also optimized the website for search engine results, and employed custom web fonts to match the refreshed L. Moore Designs brand.

Speaking of brand, the L. Moore Designs logo had never been finalized, which led to 4 different logos in use. Various sign shop artists and Sir Speedy technicians had created logos for Leslie through the years, and though they shared a common visual theme of hand-lettered brown text over a red line, they all were significantly different from each other. Therefore, Leslie worked with us to develop a final version of her logo, and to define her corporate colors and typefaces.

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