Wellspring 2010 Event Promotion


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A longtime client of mine, Wellspring Women’s Ministry is changing things up this year.  Wellspring does a large retreat each year, but in 2010 they are doing three smaller regional events.  This essentially takes the large scale yearly event and distills it down into two days, localized to three areas around North Carolina.  My job was to rebrand this event to show the new identity and provide promotional materials that would quickly and easily generate excitement and encourage people to register for their local event.

I was not given the theme of “Presence”, in reference to the presence of God in the life of a Christian.  In describing it, I was told that the colors of heaven and earth: literally grass, dirt, sky and clouds were the preferred colors to be used in the event’s advertisements.  I decided to make “the colors of heaven and earth” part of the main copy because of the mystery it implied to the event.

This piece was followed-up with small postcards sent via direct mail to local area women with details about their specific event, costs, etc.

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