Zimmerman Carpet and Rug Cleaners

Zimmerman Carpet Cleaners (ZCC) is a company that I actually used to work for.  When I graduated from Design school, there wasn’t much work for a designer, as that was during an economic downturn.  When’s the last time we had an upturn? Anyway, Mike Zimmerman went to my church, and had been operating his carpet cleaning business for almost twenty years.  I began working with him, and stayed on full time for five years while I built my Design business on the side.

ZCC is a company that first and foremost is all about quality.  If they had to choose between doing work that was of the utmost quality versus doing work that wasn’t as good, but getting more business, they would always choose losing business but keeping quality high.

I created a new identity for them, with a modified, realigned logo and typography choices, solidified color scheme and a new website.

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  1. Hi,
    Glad to stumble your article…Nice carpet its looking good bcoz it has been cleaned nicely..
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  2. You're right about that. ZCC has always operated with the highest levels of quality. IICRC certification is important, but nothing beats quality workmanship.

  3. promosyon says:

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  4. kurye says:

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  7. Very sharp design. I love how you show the owner and his wife to give it that personal touch. I have built many carpet cleaning websites so I know have effective it can be to make your site personal. Thanks, Joe Burnich

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